When romance talks, everything else shuts up! This is exactly what this magnificent performance of two great artists showed us.

This pair better known as Duo Flame, have fascinated an audience with their incredible talent. They have been performing since a long time together and has managed to set a number of stages on fire.

WATCH: This Romantic Dance Duo Amaze Everyone On Ukraine's Got Talent - The Romance Will Give You The Chills

The dance couple consists of the talented gymnast Khadzh Khamed Aiusha, who slays at her impeccable flexibility the gymnastic performer Vladyslav Ivashkin, who lifts and spins his partner as gracefully as he could. He makes everything look extremely effortless Even though they have won various championships as individual gymnasts, but together, they create an art that is out of the world.

Well, we won’t be telling you much right now. It is best if you watch out yourself. Their performance in Ukraine’s Got Talent attracted many eye balls.

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