Owner pretends to eat cat’s food – watch her hilarious reaction!

We all love cats for their grumpiness, the annoyed nature and the way they are always ready for what they want. You mess with your cats and you know that you shall be answered in the most understanding way. They may not harm you but they surely know how to crack the code.

But after years of staying together cats do know the ways in which they tackle with their owner right? This video is about the little prank that the owner of a cat plays on the cat and rightly so cat knows what to do. This owner thought to try with his trusty cat if he took away his food what shall happen. He leaned down next to the cat when the cat was having her food and casually took the bowl to his side and started to pretend that he is eating. The cat immediately put her hand and shifted the bowl to her side and started eating again.

cat pulls food away from man
© youtube screenshot

The video shows how quick and casual the cat too had been with her moves. This is so sweet and pretty that it is actually hilarious. The man again went on to pulling the bowl and again started acting, however the cat still did not do any drama. She again pulled the bowl to her side and started finishing her food as fast as possible. Well the video is a beautiful 24 seconds drama of how cats can be calm and composed and still fill your surrounding with an air of arrogance. This video is a perfect example that cats do know what is the ideal thing to do when their masters are as cunning as they are.

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Watch the video and you shall love the flow of gesture between the owner and his cat and you shall love it more each time you play it!

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