The little pooch that doesn’t go to bed without his teddy bear!

As a kid there must have been times when you wanted something so bad that you defied all the logics to it! Well dogs too aren’t any different from the kids when they want something that they really like. This dog however seems to be obsessed with his little teddy bear so much that he just does not want to sleep without it.

The video that was posted on Youtube Channel Daily Picks and Flicks Shows is a beautiful display of a long-haired dachshund who is getting ready for his kennel but does not settle until he has his favorite toy inside. Arvo, the long haired dachshund is a very cute dog who loves his toys very much. His favorite toy happens to be the teddy bear which we see in the video and he is keen on pulling the teddy bear inside his kennel.

dog stuffs teddy bear into kennel
© youtube screenshot

The teddy bear is too big for the doors to pass through and even kennel to make space for Arvo later, but the dog seems to be determined so much so that he doesn’t stop pulling the teddy bear in. When you watch the video you will be convinced that the dog isn’t going to get convinced that he cannot sleep with the teddy bear inside the kennel and he succeeds in pulling it in. The video turns hilarious though very relatable because every pet owner knows that sometimes indeed it is impossible to get away with what your puppy wants. They just want it and they shall have it!

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Arvo did manage to keep his teddy bear in with him however he shall be facing a bit of a problem in the space but sometimes the puppies got to do what they got to do! And hence there is no way out! Watch the video and you shall love it too!

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