The video depicting fondness of dog welcoming a kitty home- it’s hilarious!

We all know that dogs and cats have a bitter sweet relationship. They may seem to hate each other but there also seem to share a little bond. And when there are both in the same house it is as messy and likely to create a mess which people will keep enjoying. But what outlines this relationship the most is the presence of jealousy amongst the pets. The fact that the owners might love them more or the other would take back at them always subsides in their mind. Therefore breaking the news out to a pet for the adoption of another is a tricky one. But this man has nailed it and looks like his dog is pretty happy seeing him adopt a new kitty!

dog wants a kitty funny video
dog wants a kitty funny video © youtube screenshot

The man has made this hilarious video by imitating on the reactions made by the dog when he was trying to convey to him that he has indeed bought a new kitty home. The dog shall now be sharing his space with a kitty along with the owners and the man was kind of puzzled on the way it would be taken, So breaking the clichés that exist for the dog and cats relationship, he created this video which is a hilarious take on the way a dog can be excited about a kitty coming home.

The man has made this hilarious video by imitating on the reactions
The man has made this hilarious video by imitating on the reactions.

To each of the discussion that is made between the dog and the man, the dog appears to be excited about the coming of the kitty and how he shall be playing or having a great time with her. Well all sounds like so real that we would love to believe that dogs and cats can indeed be friends! The video is a laughter therapy for those who want to really see the dog’s reaction in the man’s words and makes us laugh like mad!

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