The temper tantrum of the dog who loves water!

Dogs have their own equation with the water. While some like to completely stay away from the water there are few who love to almost live in the water. The coolness of the water and its splashes wins their as much s they don’t want to leave. Not all breeds or all dogs are alike and so it is important to understand your pet before knowing their water preferences. Bella is a German shepherd and in this video is seen enjoying the water so much that we can’t get over it.

german shepherd throws tantrum

In a pool around the area, the owner took her pet around for a walk and the pet could not resist jumping into the water to play. The water is so playful and the splashes are so enjoyable to this pet that the pet doesn’t seem to get enough of it. Time and again when the owner keeps calling the pet’s name and asking for her to leave, Bella seems to ignore it and plays with the water a bit more.

german shepherd throws tantrum

The beauty of water is so beautiful that you actually see the pet saying a no, nodding her head or even calling out that ‘5 minutes more please‘ and ‘I don’t want to go!‘.

german shepherd throws tantrum

The owner waited for a few minutes after having called Bella a lot of times, but again when she started calling and asking that they have to go, Bella seems to be disinterest in moving out of the water. She splashes a more of the water and nods again in denial. The video captures the simple enjoyable moment of the dog so beautifully that dog lovers all over the world love it. It brings their personal experiences to the forefront and makes them imagine how it is like to handle the pets around water. Watch it and enjoy for yourself!

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