Toddler waves at gorilla and both started playing a game!

Psychologists says that children can connect to anybody. This stands true with fellow children, young people, adults, cats, dogs and even gorillas. The innocence of kids and their playful insights knows no boundaries which are clearly from their body language and the way they take things.

Therefore kids never miss out on any opportunity that comes forth them related to playing around. This little kid had the beautiful chance to play with the baby gorilla when he had a look at this gorilla from the window.

Gorilla and Toddler play Peek a Boo at the Columbus Zoo
Gorilla and Toddler play Peek a Boo at the Columbus Zoo © youtube screenshot

At first it looked like the gorilla started the peek-a-boo with this little kid when he started looking at the gorilla from the glass. Time and again making him switch his place and find the gorilla from behind the tree, the game indeed looks exciting for both of them.

The gorilla keeps on faking the boy that he is taking other way and the boy keeps tracking of him. Our notice also goes to the adult gorilla on the side that is sitting casually and walking her offspring play with the human being. Seems like she doesn’t mind at all!

The Gorillas are endangered species with their only predators being the human beings. Thus when the human beings come visiting the gorillas they are into meeting them with the best of behavior. This little video is a beautiful account of how children can connect to anyone with their playful minds and make them their friend.

The baby gorilla spends quite a time with the little kid and plays peek-a-boo with the kid. The whole process is so enjoyable that we can’t stop watching as the kid laughs whole heartedly throughout the video. Fellow travelers were amazed too to find out the gorilla playing so well with the kid and connecting to such beautiful level.

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