Breaking the stereotype and entering into the new though zone is today’s trend. And the makers of Barbie Doll seem to be doing just that! After taking the world by the definition of beauty and its perfection, the makers of Barbie Doll are on with something new and this time it is about changing perceptions!

The company making the toys i.e. Mattel is ready to introduce a new member in their collection of their dolls called the “Barbie Sheroes”.

The idea became live after Ashley Graham, a plus sized model, made it to swimsuit edition of Sports Illustrated and created history! The lady is an inspiration in body diversity and has also been branding about her appearance and body positivity all over while also hosting a few powerful TED talks.

The Barbie Team wanted to congratulate Graham on the achievement and honor her for the contribution she has given in bringing body positivity, female empowerment and confidence while making fashion her brand talking. The surprise came in when Graham was presented with her little Barbie doll at the ceremony of Glamour woman of the year. A moment she could best explain by freaking out!

ashley graham barbie
Graham was presented with her little Barbie doll at the ceremony of Glamour woman of the year.

Graham had been working closely with the Mattel team to ensure that the final look represented her well. She requested there be no thigh gaps on the doll, and they happily made the changes.

The Graham Barbie dolls won’t be on the shelf anytime soon as they are exclusive gifts to women whose inspiration made things happen. But there are definitely talks of some pieces being offered to public for sale.

There is a need to bring up new global perspective of confidence and beauty and also to continuously push to break the stereotypes. Graham said she is thrilled that Barbie has been honoring women who continuously push boundaries and change perspectives. She is honored to be immortalized in plastic!

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