Nothing matches the enigma of watching our favourite band perform live in front of us. We seem to make all sorts of arrangement to get into the concert by booking the tickets months in advance and not letting fall in our plan. Counting the days before the big show and definitely trying to look the best because nobody knows what shall unfold next. And what can be more heart wrenching that planning for it all and not be able to go for the concert.

Garth Brooks Gets Off The Stage Reading A Lady's Waving Sign
The lady was fighting with the cancer stage 3. © youtube screenshot

Theresa Shaw has been an inspiration to many people after having seen this video. The lady was fighting with the cancer stage 3 and had her chemo session in the morning while she came to attend the Garth Brooks concert in the evening. The brave and courageous lady was at the Target Center in Minneapolis after struggling through her day and making it through rough and cold weather. Definitely she must be a big fan of the band. But what unfolded was the most amazing part of it all. Theresa Shaw was holding a board on which she had written “Chemo this morning, Garth tonight enjoying the dance”. She had been enjoying the concert like a dedicated fan until Garth himself had an eye on the board and walked off the stage. Garth made it in the crowd and went to her. He continued with the performance with her and even ended up giving her the guitar.

Garth Brooks gets off the stage reading a lady's waving sign
Garth Brooks gets off the stage reading a lady’s waving sign. © youtube screenshot

It is not possible to not get emotional with such a gesture. Theresa was even given an all clear pass which meant she could come watch his concert the next time without any planning. And she did this time with another sign board which had the words “I kicked cancer’s ass. Still enjoying the dance” written on it. It definitely helps in giving love and enthusiasm to others.

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