A terminally ill man makes Steve emotional; Steve finance his treatment for $25000

Steve Harvey is definitely the most charming and funny personality on the television ever. With his witty lines and funny expressions he has managed to be connected to people in the most different manner.

Being the host for a show called Family Feud he has made millions of families laugh while looking at 2 families competing with each other for funding. The show is about two families competing to win for them a lump sum money. Often during the show the family members burst into tears with the tears of joy or emotions that come with winning such huge amount of money for themselves. As witty as Steve is – he has always managed to keep the show light.

steve harvey helps terminally ill man
A terminally ill man makes Steve emotional; Steve finance his treatment for $25000 © youtube

This time around there was this man who made Steve wonder about life. On one of the episodes the contestant was sweating profusely and made everyone wonder what was wrong with him. Even the crew asked the contestant to change his shirt midway so that he could look good on the show. Everyone thought it was nervousness but the reactions were something else.

After having played the game for three days the man indeed won $20000 and immediately after winning it the man collapsed. As the show went into showing commercials, Steve rushed to the man and started talking to him. It was then that he was told that the man was terminally ill and just had a few months of his life to survive. The money was important for him to secure insurance! Steve realized that the amount wasn’t enough for him and immediately rewarded the man with an extra $25000 for the safety of his life.

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As much Steve had wanted to make fun or crack jokes of the man’s sweating or extreme reactions, he shared the man’s story on the show and acknowledged his efforts to live as much he wanted before leaving the world for heaven! watch.