The dance routine of 8 girls for Ed Sheeran’s video!

It is always celebrating that people come up with new talents and ideas to add up to the beauty of this world. With new creativity and treats to the eyes we are daily surprised with new talents today. And the fact that the world is full of people who take creative steps each day is very inspiring. It makes this world a better place to live. And thus when we came across this little set up by eight girls we couldn’t fathom what was next.

As the eight girls stood in the formation with exactly the same clothes and the same pose bending their head towards the floor little did anyone know that something so exciting and relishing is going to come. But indeed what transformed next made us all and especially Ed Sheeran feel amazing.

galway girl ed sheeran irish dancers
Ed’s Galway Girls – Irish Dancers Featured in the Official ‘Galway Girl’ Video! © youtube

As the music blew the girls started with their taps and broke out into a dance routine to the Ed Sheeran’s song “Galway girl”. Ed Sheeran had released a statement for looking for the Irish dancers for his recent video but little did he know too that he shall come across such talents who shall break his idea of creativity.

The video is known to gather about 6 million views online and has won hearts of many. It also managed to gather the attention of Ed Sheeran and he instantly was smitten was the sheer talent in the video. What we know of next is that the video was transformed into an official Ed Sheeran Video to make the girls’ efforts count. If you think that the dance routine has amazing moves and definitely makes for the best of things that you have recently seen on the internet then give this video like and share it with your friends. Because when you share creativity, creativity surrounds you!

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