It’s the dream of every woman to have beautiful and soft hands. But in many cases women don’t consider the importance of beautiful hands while applying beauty tips. Many women use expensive cosmetic products for getting beautiful hands. But it’s the wastage of money. In this post, we will discuss simple and easy tips for beautiful hands. In winter season, hands become brittle and cracked in this way women gets stressed and disturbed.

These tips are very simple as well as affordable so the best tips for soft and beautiful hands are as follows:

Tip No #1

The most important hand care tip in winter season is that women should use hand wash regularly. Best and original hand wash will completely remove the moisture and oil in skin.

Tip No #2

The second tip for proper hand care is that after each hand wash woman should use lotion for her hands.

Tip No #3

For rough hands, woman should use sea salt because sea salt includes minerals such as calcium, sodium and magnesium and these minerals will help the skin to retain the moisture.

Tip No #4

Another important tip for hands care in winter season is that woman should combine oil with sea salt and massage her hands in the circular motion.

Tip No #5

Moreover, woman should use olive oil for her hands for at least 15 minutes and then rinse her hands with the skin lotion.

Tip No #6

The last important tip for hands care in winter season is that woman should put her hands in warm water with olive oil or almond oil for at least 20 minutes so that pores gets opened.

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