The video that shows life inside a womb

Giving birth to a child is the most transforming story of one’s life. Women go through nine month of labor to give birth to a life that is so magical and miraculous. Imagining how the baby should be like when still being in the mother’s womb is very common but what actually happens there is completely unknown. You can only have a visual treat of this universal process if you are a doctor or an ultrasound attendant who deals with women throughout their pregnancy and has seen babies in different life stage inside the mother’s womb. The constant viewing of the baby’s progress, the movements and the living structure coming alive in the ultrasound is still some sight of life inside a womb.

baby inside a womb

But the amazement is here! A graphic designer managed to show the different stages of a child’s growth and development inside the mother’s womb through a video and it is a visual treat. The video captures the initial stage where the fertilization happens to combining of the cells and formation of egg, the slow travel of the cells and the growth of a single cell, which later transforms into the baby. The video also captures all the happenings inside the fetus like growth of the baby brain, the development of bones, the fluttering of the eyes, the body movements etc.

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The four-minute video manages to capture the whole time lapse of nine months and the transformation that happens during these nine months. How the single cell starts to grow and transform into a living-moving baby and all the animated effects of its movements until it finally comes out into the world. The video is captivating and enthralling, making us realize that indeed childbirth is a wonderful task of the God and that this miraculous experience no matter how realistic is still filled with amazements.

baby inside a womb