If you thought that glasswork was limited to designing of the vases, bangles and simple art and here is a piece of work that is going to shatter your mind and turn it new. The Italian artist Daniela Forti is all set to make your mind go crazy with her artwork involving the use of glass by turning them into such beautiful pieces that we have not even imagined.

This Italian artist takes the glass and turns them into such stunning pieces of artwork that it looks like translucent form of realistic creatures we have not ever met. Her latest collection which is inspired by the Italian Name for Jellyfish i.e. Meduse is an example of the art and surreal designs that one can create!

Danielaa Forti is 57 years old and living in the hills of Chianti since 1982. She has learnt and mastered the art of Vetreria which involves melting the solid pieces of glasses and turning them into another design with the help of different mix and match of colors and designs. The art is not juts difficult but dangerous because hot glass is a difficult thing to work with and involves a lot of risk too. But Daniela has been working with it since ages and knows the trick to work with it in ace. The beauty of her designs appeals masses and thus has transformed into a celebrated artist today.

The latest creation by Daniela Forti is an inspiration from Jellyfish and has different sculpted designs depicting their shapes and forms in colorful tones. She has named here collection as Meduse and the collection is winning her fame from all over the world. If you are not convinced of anything new to glasswork then look at the pictures and find for yourself the beauty that a human mind can unfold with simple objects.

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