What this Artist does with simply pouring cans of paints will blow your mind

Holton Rower is an exceptional artist who believes in challenging what is ordinary. This artist just loves colours and uses the mix of them to make psychedelic masterpieces.

This time Rower has chosen a boring, simple brown box for the art. The final product is just simply stunning. What Rower does along with his team is to create a painting without using a brush.

Rower and his team starts pouring in cans of paints, one after another in a set sequence. The paints are poured at the center so that they spill around. The next can comes after some time when the paint is drying up but still has not lost it lucidity. This process lets the paints form a lines after lines giving the feeling that they are still overflowing.

dripping paint art video Holton Rower
dripping paint art time lapse video by Holton Rower @ youtube screenshot

This time lapse video captures the beauty of the entire process. Many artists say that the process is the most gratifying part of their creations. To see something beautiful shaping up in front of their eyes is very satisfying. The time lapse video justifies the thought. The entire process is so enchanting. In fact, it has a calming effect watching those colour move around and fall in place. Director and editor Dave Kaufman has also ensured that music in the background is also soothing.

Artists have the ability to see the beauty in simple, generic things. It’s something we all need to learn, the ability to see beauty and love in day to day things. Here, he is inspired by spilling and the flow of liquids and he uses it to create a masterpiece.

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Share the time lapse video and also bookmark it to see when you want to calm yourself.

Holton Rower, keep making beautiful stuff, the world needs it.