CJ Hendry is already a renowned name in the artist front for her exemplary work and vision that seems life god gifted. Famous particularly for the black and white work with multiple brands like Chanel and more she has clearly driven her audience crazy with their insights. The turning point came when she drew Kayne West’s face on a $100 bill in black and white color and it was absolutely amazing. But CJ Hendry has taken a sharp turn and has shed her insights of the black and white this time shifting to a completely pop and vibrant color theme.

Drawing a series of paintings sponsored and for the brand Christian Louboutin, the artist has named her collection of paintings as “Complimentary Colors”. She took this collection to the exhibition which happened during the Art Basel in Hong Kong. The pieces of paintings look like blobs of colors of the palette which has shine, luster and liquidity but actually are just canvas worked on with simple color pencils. The patience of the artists in coloring and bringing out the shine with the color combination shows the artist’s expert handling of the art and the insights that she has worked upon.

The colorful use of pencils is done by many but not always do we come across such beautiful art painted with just layers and layers of pencil that it actually looks like real. CJ Hendry has indeed instilled life into the painting and what seems like just blobs of colors in different shades is actually mesmerizing to know that they are just pencil work. You shall be amazed at her collection and the curves and texture she has been able to bring to life. Check out all of her paintings in this series and treat your eyes with the pleasant colors only to be amazed with the artist’s work!

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