13 Gorgeous Ways to Repurpose Glass Bottles

The bottles of wine, soda and even sparkling soda tend to get scattered in the house after a house party little giving us hints that indeed these glass bottles can be turned into amazing decor items and decorate the house.

While people are investing tones of their money in buying lavish things there is an easy way out with the DIY routines to make your house a beautiful one without having to waste money. Take these DIY tips and explore you imagination for the home decors!

The perfect DIY for the left-over wine, soda or beer bottles!

1. Picture Frames

Picture Frames Wine Bottle DIY Idea
Picture Frames Wine Bottle DIY Idea © DIY Network

Just get your bottles thoroughly cleaned and put up your old pictures into them to match with the theme of the house and give it a vintage touch of memories.

2. Painted Vases

Painted Vases
Painted Vases © Brit + Co.

Vases never go out of style and when it is about putting up the special flowers brought in by the visitors why not choose something creative. Paint the left-over beer or wine bottles and put in the flowers!

3. Bottle designing

Bottle designing
Bottle designing © The Wicker House

Just pick some random designs and put up on the bottle to make it more creative and lasting. You are going to love your creative genes and treasure the collection you created.

4. Organize your kitchen

Organize your kitchen
Organize your kitchen © Pinterest via Maria Marra

The bottles from some brands are difficult to throw away specially with the beauty they hold. Put them up in your kitchen and stock your cereals, pasta or even liquids in them to make organization easier and house pretty!

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5. Spray bottles

Spray bottles
Spray bottles © Body Unburdened

We tend to use plastic spray bottles for our daily usage which wears off too quickly while not looking as appealing as we want them to be. Try to turn your glass bottles into sprays by just attaching he nozzle to it and there you go, you have the most lavish spray bottle ever!

6. Candle holders

Candle holders
Candle holders © Ruffled Blog

Candle holders make way into our life just so easily. Try turning your wine bottles into candle holders with a little metallic paint on it and you have your romance day sorted!

7. Bottle your bird feeders

Bottle your bird feeders
Bottle your bird feeders © DIY n’ Crafts

Instead of storing the bird feeders in regular packets and stocking them up in a random box, pick the left-over wine bottles and paint them up while stocking the bird feeders in style. When the feather friends come visiting, feed them easily while holding that style quotient well.

8. Outdoor planting

Outdoor planting
Outdoor planting © Incourage Military Wives

Wine bottles are easily the most glamorous thing to choose when it comes to planting small plants on the outdoors of your house. Just choose the plants and put in some soil to help them grow in your balcony, terrace or even inside the house.

9. Soda bottle glasses

Soda bottle glasses
Soda bottle glasses © Etsy

You do love your soda bottles, don’t you? Then why not just cut in half and turn them into glasses so that you can cherish the feel all throughout. The glasses turn out to be beautiful just as the bottles are.

10. Tiki Torches

Tiki Torches
Tiki Torches © Redeem Your Ground

The perfect touch for your porch this summer are some wine bottle tiki torches! All you need is a wick, some kerosene, and your empty bottles for some DIY mood lighting.

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11. Fairy lights

Fairy lights
Fairy lights © Homesthetics

Light up your personal space with the fairy lights inside the bottle to give the house a soft glow and feel of beauty around!

12. Glass Wind Chimes

Glass Wind Chimes
Glass Wind Chimes © Bottle Rascvet

Few things are as relaxing as the sound of wind chimes – and few things are as satisfying as knowing you made these chimes yourself!

13. Rustic Wall Decor

Rustic Wall Decor
Rustic Wall Decor © Etsy

Elevate any shabby chic home with this lovely DIY. We would suggest maybe using antiqued bottles for this one (they give a cloudy, colorful tint to the glass) and filling each one with the flowers of your choice.