What is ‘The Dutch Reach’? Have you heard of this before?

Most of the people whom this man interviewed had no idea what it meant. There were some people who even thought that perhaps it is something inappropriate. But, do you know that in Netherlands they teach this in the driver’s education class.

Dutch People Open Car Doors In A Very Strange Way. When You See The Reason, You'll Do It Too
© youtube.com / How the Dutch Reach Could Save Lives

In the county where a number of people ride their bike to work, opening the door of your car could be a dangerous affair. Due to this, getting out of the car using the Dutch Reach became a social norm for all. It in a way enables you to position your body in such a way that you can see the incoming cyclists.

However, the old habits take time to mould. So, you got to be extra careful the next time you are about to get out of your car.

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