The birthday of 90 year old graced by her beautiful dance!

There are things that we are made up of and no matter we are 90 or 19 the magic just doesn’t disappear.

This amazing birthday party of a 90 year old woman is the classic example of how you can age with time but there are certain things that won’t turn old – like your talents!

90 year old woman dancing
Jeannette Phelps, the American dancer. © youtube

Jeannette Phelps, the American dancer best known as Jean Veloz was born in the 1920s and had been a synonymous name to the dance form called Lindy.

The dance form originated in 1930 and is a mix of jazz, breakaway, the tap and Charleston. Jean has had a lifelong career in the industry which was inclusive of her dancing moves and niche at Lindy. She even danced on the silver screen and made everyone love her more.

It was her 90th birthday and everyone was thrilled to know if she still had the flare to dance and the amazing smooth flow still was there with her.

The party definitely had the centre dance floor and amongst all a young man held her hand and took her to the dance floor for some dance time. And as soon as the music blared, Jean took the show with the amazing moves and style that had been her charm. The shake of the hips, the movement of the feet and swinging around just came naturally to her.

90 year old woman dancing
She was on fire no matter that she was turning 90. © youtube

She was on fire no matter that she was turning 90. Another young man waited a bit and then took her arm to dance with her. Many men stood waiting for their turn and Jean was treated to a very special dance time on her 90th birthday. Here is a video of the dance party clearly claiming that Jean Veloz owns the charm she has been wearing all her life and can still sway people with it. Check the video out!

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