Big families are so much fun that there never seems to be any silence in the house. Chad bramlet the country singer is out with his wife and 8 children at the backseat when the wife decides to announce the family that it’s a baby boy! And the joy that unfolds is ecstatic!

His wife is pregnant with the 9th baby
His wife is pregnant with the 9th baby. © youtube / Chad Bramlet

Chad bramlet and his wife have 8 children and have been a happy family. His wife is pregnant with the 9th baby and announces that it is a baby boy! Bramlet family stays in joy and sings out this song, which is both fun and loving. Chad Bramlet sets up the camera and starts singing out on the song, which is personalized to suit the situation. They start singing when wife announces that it is a baby boy and the group of children sitting behind joins them as chorus. They enact the song, make funny faces and sing along with their dad in the most singer-like way.

baby arrival announcement
They start singing when wife announces that it is a baby boy. © youtube / Chad Bramlet

The children also bring out the youngest child to make his seat on the top and exclaim that another beauty is about to come. Children are really a worthy gift of god and if you have so many joyful and loving children in the house the definition of happiness just seems to be complete. There can never be a complete experience of happiness in the house with a bunch of children roaming around in the house and making the people come alive with fun and excitement. The Bramlet family is indeed going to have a beautiful time and the incoming of the baby is a very happy announcement that the family has chosen to share with us in the most unique and adorable way. Look at the video and you won’t be able to get over the joy that this couple has been experiencing!

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