What Iris’s grandson did on her birthday is amazing!

It is indeed the most special birthday Iris Howard had ever celebrated! The real happiness is when tears come out of happiness and that is exactly how happy she felt because of her grandson.

It was Iris Howard’s 86th birthday and the day did not seem to be too different than the usual. Her grandson insisted her on going for a drive as he had planned on some surprises for her which she was unaware of.

Iris howard and David
Totally surprised. © David Goodings

David, Iris’ grandson had planned a huge surprise for Iris and it would be known only after she goes on a drive with him. After Iris joins David for a drive, he turns on the radio and the music was playing like usual.

Everything was good until the channel changed some programs and turned into a birthday song! Yes it said, “A very happy birthday to Iris Howard who is celebrating her 86th birthday today!” and they emphasized on how caring and full of kindness Iris is. And after a hearty song there were lined some very beautiful messages from near and dear ones.

Happy tears. Image: David Goodings
Happy tears. © David Goodings

“Breaking news just in: Iris Howard is celebrating her birthday,” the radio says, making Iris smile. “Commonly known for winning the Best Nan Competition 10 years in a row, the 86-year-old is often described as ‘an incredible person’, and loved by all her friends and family.”

The loving messages and the birthday wishes made Iris’s heart melt and brought out the tears of happiness in her.

There were messages from sons and daughters and other family members who promised to be there on dinner tonight and celebrate the birthday with her. They all told her how much they love her and that how lucky they are to have her by their side.

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best birthday surprise ever
Searching for tissues. © David Goodings

David did get a super surprise planned for his grandmother who was too overwhelmed by the love showered on her and had mixed emotions running through her. In one way she was thanking David for having made her birthday so special and in other she was blaming her for making her cry with so much emotions. Iris Howard was surely the happiest woman that day!