The Husband that calmed his wife down on the issue of laundry!

As soon as Jen walked into the laundry that day, sad and angry moods stroke her at a go. This was not the first time that Jen had found the clothes lying on the floor, but this time the kids had chosen to make it double uncomfortable for her. A house with kids is definitely messy and chaotic but if there are five kids in the house, well let’s just leave it to that!

Laundry Mess
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Jen was in panic stroke and did not know whether to shout at the kids for being such a mess, or sit back and separate the clean ones from the dirty. What she did was take a picture and upload on Facebook to express how no one cared a little for the laundry and the labor that goes into it. But before the situation could get worse, Brandon (Jen’s Husband) stepped in. This could have exaggerated Jen’s anger but Brandon just got into the car and left – On a mission!

Jen and Brandon (Jen's Husband)
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The next thing we know is that the laundry was now cleanly divided into two sections of two differently colored baskets. White ones for the clean clothes and black ones for the dirty ones and the kids were given a thoughtful lesson with strict instruction that clothes that are found lying on the floor “will be burned”. This ensured that everyone followed the program.

Jen’s Laundry Mess and The Brilliant DIY Solution By Her Husband Brandon

Jen's Laundry Mess and The Brilliant DIY Solution By Her Husband Brandon
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Read Jen’s posted words below.

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I had a mini-meltdown tonight about our laundry room situation (my EFs know about this). I “sternly spoke” (yelled) about the hot disaster that all these people inflicted on the laundry room. 

Someone’s clean clothes in the dryer? Oh well, say the people who live here. I will just pull them out and dump them on the floor to mix in with the random dirty clothes already there. Or I’ll just leave myclothes in the washing machine for 45 hours so the mildew smell will become permanently embedded in the fibers.

The next thing I know, Brandon Hatmaker disappeared and came back 30 minutes later with – no joke – 14 white laundry baskets and 14 black laundry baskets. He is now upstairs explaining this “new system” to all the children (“You have two baskets in the laundry room and two in your room…”). I’m not exactly sure how all of this is going to work out or why every family member needs four laundry baskets, but I can guarantee you that not another piece of laundry will ever touch the floor in this household.

Because we now have 28 laundry baskets.

I am in the casket.

Jen’s panic and frustration inspired her husband Brandon to go out of the way to help her with his brilliance. It is in times like these that partners are expected to walk in with a helping hand and make life easier and worthwhile. And it is because of the tiny changes in the house that her family is going to be more organized, happy and united. As for Brandon, he definitely managed to calm her wife down!

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Jen and Brandon with their five kids. Happy family
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