Pregnant wife loses life to tumor after giving birth to her child!

Mother’s love is incomparable and crosses all boundaries of what a heart can feel. It is the sacrifices and the selfless love of a mother which amazes us all. And with this story, you shall be bound to shed tears to a love of a mother towards her unborn child.

Meg Bostwick
Meg Bostwick @ facebook

Meg Bostwick was pregnant with her second child and was having a tough time at it. The serious headaches had been transforming into a cause of worry which was always neglected as yet another effect of pregnancy. It is when a seizure pain caught her that she was immediately taken to the oncologist and neuro surgeons to find out that indeed she had a tumor in her brain. The diagnosis found out that Bostwick had a glioblastoma tumor at its fourth stage which meant that getting rid of it was impossible. The research has it that at this stage it isn’t about you are going to pass but about the time you shall get before you pass.

Scott Bostwick
Scott Bostwick © facebook

All the options were weighed and the couple started with the chemotherapy sessions which too were difficult with a pregnant woman. The tumor was inoperative and the prognosis looked grim but the radiation sessions were started and was smooth until Bostwick had yet another seizure attack and this time causing her a brain hemorrhage. Bostwick’s health suffered incomparably leading the doctors to conduct a 12-weeks early caesarian for the birth of the child.

12-weeks early caesarian baby survived because of Mother's love
12-weeks early caesarian baby Kennedy Meg Bostwick © facebook / Scott Bostwick

Kennedy Meg Bostwick was born as an early caesarian child and Meg Bostwick was put to life support system for making the family make final goodbyes to her. Moments after giving birth to her second child, Meg Bostwick didn’t survive. She could have disregarded her unborn child and fought for her treatment with strong treatments but didn’t go for it for all the motherly love she felt within her. A mother does put her child first and her love first before choosing life for herself!

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