Magic Chocolate Flower Dessert

Desserts are known to make you feel good every-time you consume. Those of us who find it difficult to make even the basic type of desserts, this would look like a magic.

I noticed that whenever one orders an expensive dessert at the restaurant, one is actually not paying just for the taste but the overall experience. The experience does count.

Man Pours Hot Cream Onto This Chocolate Dessert. Seconds Later, It Looks Like Some Kind Of Magic

Even though I have a little idea on how it tastes but it looks worth every penny that you want to pay.

For that you would have to travel all the way to Portugal and locate the restaurant lpsylon. Yes! Here you would find this dessert. I am going to add this in my bucket list for sure.

The art is so perfect that you wouldn’t love to make it a miss at all. This looks mesmerizing isn’t?

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