It was in 2011 that Tracie Whyatt started with her dream initiative. She and her husband Scott began with their road journey which was targeted at collecting the dogs from the kill shelters and relocating them to other parts of the states so that they could be kept safe while searching for their forever homes.

That was the inception of the company Tracy’s Dogs and since then the couple has adopted over 3700 dogs who would have been euthanized.

couple adopts trailer dog
since 2011 the couple has adopted over 3700 dogs who would have been euthanized.

Recently the company tied up with PetSmart to make the adopting process more interesting. They fixed up a meeting place for the new owners and pets while monitoring the applications beforehand.

The applications were screened, matched with the owners and the finalized ones were called for. Scott took a 32-foot trailer to the cities like Minnesota, Illinois, Ohio, Washington DC, Florida, Wisconsin, Indiana etc and took the little pups with him. The new owners had been eagerly waiting for the pets and when the trailer arrived the owners were made to meet their pets for the first time.

This little video is an account of the special moments that the new pet owners and the pet went through when they met. Watching so many dogs being adopted in one place on the same day was indeed moving and lovable. The moment was filled with happy tears and love which overflowed.

People had been talking about how heartwarming it is to finally see these pups get adopted to a loving house and feel home. In the video too the commentators expressed love and joy of watching the cute pups being adopted. Indeed it feels good to give a living being a new life. Therefore Tracy’s dogs have been able to create a better world and a loving environment both for the families and the little dogs!

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