The adorable reaction of 5 year old on knowing the new baby’s arrival

Disclosing the birth of another child to the children is indeed the toughest task on earth! When you already have a baby and have planned for another one – the most steaming question remains of the care and love the child and how they would take it.

5 year old reaction to becoming a big brother
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Mostly the kids have a tough time knowing that there shall be another person taking in the love of their parents and that they shall share the space with them. Therefore parents take a lot of care while disclosing the news to their babies. And so Sarah was equally scared and tensed while disclosing the big news to Ethan who is just 5 years old!

Mom Breaks The News He's Going To Be A Big Brother. His Adorable Comeback Lights Up The Internet
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Sarah decided to record the video of Ethan’s reaction and turns out it is so adorable! After the first Ultrasound appointment, the Sonogram pictures were shown to Ethan. In his sweet accent Ethan makes a reaction saying ‘It’s me‘.

The adorable reaction of 5 year old on knowing the new baby's arrival
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His reaction was so cute that it instantly wins heart. But Sarah told him immediately that it’s not him but his new little brother or sister coming soon. Ethan’s reaction instantly turns inquisitive and excited that he smiles with joy. The happiness shows on his eyes and smile while he looks at the scan once more carefully. He shouts in joy “I’m going to be a new big brother.”

"I'm going to be a new big brother."
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Ethan’s reaction is astonishing for a boy of this small age. It could be seen how excited and enjoyable it seemed like to him and that he felt responsible instantly of being an elder one now. But Ethan can hardly believe that he’s been told the truth and Sarah had a tough time telling him and making him believe that it was actually true and that the baby is due to come months later. The whole reaction is much adorable and kept the internet raging.

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