Cute dog and Cute Baby talking…

Internet is filled with videos of babies and dogs but we will confess the more the better. Seeing dogs and babies with their cuteness and lovely antics is the perfect way to start your day.

Today we feature a video that will warm your heart and will tickle you. In this very popular video, that’s been viewed for more than 20 million times; we see a lovely conversation between a toddler and a puppy. The toddler is Baby Sophie and the lovely talking puppy is Wicket.

baby and puppy talking
baby and puppy talking. © youtube screenshot

Sophie is your perfect dog whisperer. She starts babbling in her baby talk and Wicket replies right back. You can actually feel that these two are having an actual conversation with high and low tones in sentences. Sometimes we wonder that babies and animals to understand each other, they have a secret language and we just don’t understand it. Jokes apart, it’s very entertaining to watch them talk.

We should be thankful to this camera obsessed world otherwise how could have we seen such cute moments.

Life is not about taking everything seriously; it’s about enjoying the moment. Kids and animals are the perfect examples of that, they live in the moment and enjoy it to the fullest. Watch this cute to the core video here and share it with your friends to make their day.

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