Mom Tells Baby Girl “I Love You.” Internet Can’t Stop Laughing At Baby’s Comeback

Babies have this adorable way of expressing that we all fall in love with them immediately. Small babies who are just about a year of age aren’t really able to make the proper sounds of the names or words but definitely catch up with the tone of the words and try to repeat. This beautiful video of a mother and her baby is a lovely tale of the mom’s “I Love You” to the baby and the baby’s way of getting back at her.

cute baby says i love you in an adorable way
cute baby says i love you in an adorable way © youtube

The video comes off as a beautiful display of how a baby can catch up with the sounds that her mother tries to teach her and repeats it in the exact manner. Babies aren’t able to speak until the age of one and in the process, try to catch up with the words that we speak in front of them. It is mostly the nouns that babies catch faster. So, if it is about asking them to repeat words like doll, ball, dog etc. they might catch the word well but not pronounce it good. Thus, when the mother asked ‘I Love You’ the baby has a response similar to the word tine but something amazingly different.

Baby says'I Love You' in a sweetest tone.
Baby says ‘I Love You’ in a sweetest tone. © youtube

Click on the play button of the video to find out the cute little voice of the baby when the mother calls out at her with ‘I Love You’ in a sweetest tone so that the baby a catch. The baby indeed responses well and we are thankful to the mother for having keeping the camera on and record this lovely moment for us all to cherish. It is about the tiny moments that get sealed and can be played again and again that we live our lives in. We wish to watch more of her videos and find out how the baby learns more words and gets better at ‘I Love You’.

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