Toddler Slips Away From Mom At Grocery Store. What Mom Catches Her Doing Next Is Going Viral

A mother definitely loses all her state of mind when she finds that she has slipped hands with her daughter. The thought of having missed a child from hand is devastating for sure. But someone right here just got one of the most beautiful moment unfolding in front of her when she accidentally slipped hands from her daughter!

Caitlin Baum had been into a departmental store and holding hands with her daughter Joey. Joey is 16 months old and a joyful person. As soon as Caitlin understood that Joey has left hands she turned to find her. And she was treated with such precious moments that she immediately unlocked the camera and started shooting.

Turned out that Joey was walking through the store with a happy face and waving hands at everyone she came across. Her gesture was carefree and was enjoying meeting new people. Waving hands at all and making friendly gestures are all the mother could find. In turn people too were making the waves at the child and letting her walk by to do what she had been doing. Soon the baby Joey reached towards her mom and saw her looking at her. Joey graciously walked up to her and gave her a big long hug. This of course calmed down the mother and made the video even beautiful.

The video turned out to be so beautiful that the world went crazy when Caitlin uploaded in online. With millions of views and people from all over the world connecting with the baby’s beautiful personality, it gives Caitlin immense happiness that a smiling face and a friendly wave makes such good gesture in this world. The world unfolds to be safer and beautiful for children when they aren’t scared and crying instead spreading happiness and friendly hugs. Next time you come across a Joey like child, make that wave!

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