Daddy’s little princess gets her first bath and the video is oh so cute!

Daughters have always ruled a father’s heart. The bond between a father and his daughter is one of the most special bonds on the earth.

So, we meet this new dad who has just brought his just born daughter home. As expected he is super excited and has taken up the role of supportive husband and is helping with the chores related to the baby. Mom gives the task of baby’s first bath to Dad and quite adorably reaches out to video record the entire thing.

dad baby first bath
© youtube screenshot

In this adorable video, Father is very gently and softly pouring water on the little baby. He is talking to her continuously to ensure that his voice comforts the little child. Watching this man covered in tattoos being so gentle and loving is a special experience altogether. The entire sequence is so sweet and so realistic. Mom is heard giggling and can be over heard and why shouldn’t she be happy she has a sweet bunch of husband and daughter. In the midst of the video the little baby gives out the cutest and adorable little sneeze and her father imitates her too. All of this just so cute.

Our life is made of these small moments and that’s what makes it special. This entire sequence is so simple still the emotions associated with are so unique. When father is holding that fragile small baby in his arms, the promise to protect her strengthens. Mom sees that she has just built a happy family of her own. Life is good.

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It’s a good thing people record these kind of videos and share it over the internet. We love watching them. This video has been watched by millions already. Watch this cuteness overload video and go awwww. Share it with your buddies and make their day.