Having an identical twin in family is a fun thing, it keeps creating waves of fun every time someone new finds the twins. And here, this baby is having a hard time figuring out her daddy is fun!

Identical twins are when you cannot recognize between two people, which is which! And indeed it is the case here. Both the men look so identical in looks and talk that it is difficult to say the difference. They decided on having the twin fun with the baby today. The baby while being in one’s arm did not notice the dad’s face and just wanted to go to the another man because she thought it was her daddy. After reaching out to the other man’s arms she has a look at the previous man’s face and thinks ‘he is my daddy!’ and demands on going to her daddy again!

The baby understands that something is wrong here but is not able to figure out and so she just keeps rotating herself between the identical twins. The men are seen to be having great fun in confusing the baby and trying to find out if the baby actually recognizes who the real father is! They have a good laugh at the baby’s reaction as she seems to be wanting her dad, is still confused and also gets contended once she is passed on to one of them.

identical twin dads and baby
The baby understands that something is wrong here but is not able to figure out. © youtube

Having identical twins at home can be fun to watch and interact with because they hold a lot of difference, which people can’t say. And if they choose to wear the same kind of clothes and adapt the same living style nothing can really easily crack their difference. As you go through the video you will be amazed at the baby’s reactions and will yourself guess too of who can be her dad with their behavior. The video is quite cute!

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