Baby Ava’s first meet to her new born baby brother Jack is so adorable!

The best kind of life moments are when one feels unconditional incomparable love and happiness from within and this is indeed one special moment when this little sister meets her new born baby brother for the first time and her reaction is just so adorable!

Welcoming a new baby to the family is an exciting event in life and when you already have a kid around in the house, the siblings get excited for their new born friends too.

This little girl Ava had her heart filled with happiness and love the moment she was made to meet her new born baby brother Jack! In this video we see the father recording the video and the mother cautiously holding the baby and making Ava meet her baby brother the very first time.

When Ava looks at the baby she can’t seem to put her hands off the baby’s hairs and the constant love that she is feeling inside her is short of expressions and words. Ava repeatedly calls out “Baby, Baby!” and shows her joy.

She tried to hug the baby and her happiness is seen in the laugh and smile that she is sharing with her mother.

sister meets baby brother
Sister Is Meeting Her New Baby Brother & Her Reactions Are The Best! © youtube

Ava even tries to go on and kiss the baby but remembers that she cannot and so she makes the kiss from far and pretends to have given the kiss to her baby brother. Ava’s excitement and love is very much evident from the way she tried to hold Baby Jack and keeps playing with his hair. The calling out of baby again and again is a sign of love that she shows by trying to call the baby.

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Indeed in childhood we love playing with toys but when there is the arrival of a new born baby we want to be the sole protector of them but still know how delicate they are to be played with. All the elder sister/brother feels is unconditional love!

Watch video:

Best Big Sister Meets Baby Brother – Totally Cute!!