Little girl Tiana and her words of wisdom for her Mommy

We try to teach kids about healthy living, words of wisdom and etiquettes of society every now and then. We want them to be a better version of ourselves and a person of value to us. But how often do you come across moments when your kids teach you something valuable that you yourself seem to have forgotten? This happened with the little girl named Tiana who melt down of watching their parents fight and wanted them not to!

Little Tiana approached her mom in her sweet little tone to explain her how she wanted everyone to be happy and smiling. Tiana has a voice of gold and the nature speaks volume about her maturity and understanding of relationships. Her advice makes people cry seeing the innocence and purity of feelings. Kids indeed have their own way with cuteness and wisdom.

Tiana told her mom to ‘settle her mean heights down to short heights’ that she ‘didn’t want her to bow down low but be steady and neutral’. Tiana explained to her mommy how she wanted her family to be friends with each other. “I’m trying to do my best in my heart, nothing else than that. I want you Mom, and my Dad and everyone to be friends. I want to be your friend too. I don’t want you and my Dad to be replaced and be meanies again. I want you and my Dad to be placed as settled and be friends. I just want everyone to be friends.”

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The sweet gesture by Tiana melted her Mommy to recording the video and sharing the innocent wisdom with us all. Tiana’s sweet little lecture touched the hearts of millions and her mom too. The mommy could not help but promise that her words will be kept and that she loves Tiana more and more.