The powerful message that would shut down the mom-shaming people!

All moms are special. All moms are powerful. All moms deserve the respect and love. And all moms are equal! Well with the changing notions of society there are a lot of different perspectives coming up.

Some try to encourage a path that someone has chosen while others choose to mom-shame and raise question on the unconventional way a mom choose. Right or wrong – who decides? Each one of us has a new way of raising a child and its all okay!

There are moments in a Stay-At-Home Mother’s lives when they question upon themselves and wonder if they are doing right. Definitely the endless pointing and discussions about them travel into the thought tunnel and breeds that seed of thought but is it all right?

Karen Johnson, a mother and a blogger led a powerful rant against the mom-shamers and made her point clear in her blog post that she made on her blog that runs by the name “The 21st century SAHM“. This brutally honest rant is a badass take on the way mothers choose to raise a kid and that nobody has the right to judge them for their choices.

She posted a powerful rant against it and it’s going seriously viral
She posted a powerful rant against it and it’s going seriously viral. © facebook

Being a single mother, a working mother, a stay-at-home mother or even a gay mother is entirely the choice of the woman who bears the child and she has all the right to choose and live the way she wants. Does it give her any plus point of being a good mother? No. Does it make her bad? No. Nothing changes in her life – just that she chooses to be happy anyway. And hence for people who are constantly bothered at the choice a mother makes for leading her life, raising her child or even making their move- this powerful rant is a message they should read.

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After 600 thousand likes and 400 thousand shares her blog post is the powerful message for all the moms out there!

Girlfriends, I got to get something off my chest.
My house is never clean. Like ever. I have friends (with kids) whose houses are spotless. Are they better mothers than me? Nope. Am I a better mother than them? Nope.
I work out every day. I have mom friends who don’t exercise. (I mean other than running around like crazy people after their kids). Does that make either of us a better mom? Nope.
I have a friend who gave birth in a pool in her living room. I pushed mine out in a hospital bed after receiving a gift from the epidural fairy. Both of us are good moms.
I drink a beer or glass of wine (sometimes in front of my kids!) on occasion. I’m a good mom. My neighbor and good friend doesn’t drink. Also a good mom.
I’m a yeller. I have a good friend who is quiet and extremely patient. I envy her. But we are both good moms.
I have friends who are super organic, chemical free, and dye free. My kids sometimes eat popsicles for breakfast. The cheap kind that are 50 for $2.00. Are either of us better than the other? Nope.
I swear, but not in front of my kids. Are you a bad mom if you do? Hell no.
I’m involved with my kids’ school but I don’t volunteer and live there every day. Are the moms who volunteer daily any better than those who never do? No. Am I incredibly grateful for the moms who volunteer every day and help the teachers? YES.
Are stay-at-home moms better than working moms? NO.
Are working moms better than stay-at-home moms? NO.
Are married moms better than single moms? NO.
Are you a better mom if you take your kids on exotic vacations? NO.
Can you be a good mom if you the closest thing you get to a vacation is the park? YES.
Can you be a good mom and have a super scheduled summer with lots of planned activities? Yep.
What about if your summer is lazy with no plans? Yep.
Do good moms let their kids watch TV? Yes.
Play video games? Yes.
What about if you say no? Also fine. Your choice. You’re the mom. And a good one.
I’m a Christian. My friend and neighbor is Muslim. Another friend practices no religion at all. WE ARE ALL GOOD MOTHERS.
My other friend is gay. Her kids have TWO mothers. They are both good moms.
I breastfed. My kids barely had any formula. Am I better than moms who give their kids formula? NO.
So how about this? Can we all climb down off judgmental mountain for a second? And just support one another? And just say, Hey, motherhood is hard. You’re doing a good job. Raising kids can knock the wind out of a person. You got this.
How awesome would that be? Just a thought.

mom shaming powerful message
Karen Johnson. © facebook

Parents overwhelmingly identified with Johnson’s words, and gave her a standing ovation.

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Some, however, felt this mom deserved to be judged on a few of her methods.

What do you think? Is Karen Johnson a super-mom, or did she miss the mark? Tell us below!