We cannot stress enough on the bonds shared by Dads and daughters. They have a very special bond that last a life time.

This headline must have given you an image of ball room dance of Dad and Daughter but this one is slightly different. Here this adorable pair is dancing in a hall on Justin Timberlake’s song ‘Can’t Stop the Feeling’ and its adorable like anything. They have this special routine in which both are matching steps on the song and are completely at sync. Every father longs for a special father daughter bonding time and what better option is to dance the time away.

WATCH: This Adorable Daddy-Daughter Dance Will Make Your Day

We must say this Dad is pretty sporting, wearing those golf pants and showing his moves without feeling any kind of awkwardness. The video is also edited very well that means daddy dearest has also spent time in editing and rendering this. This girl is really lucky to have such a fun loving father. Dancing away to the glory, it seems both have spent a decent amount of time practising there moves.

Watch the entire video here and know how perfect there moves can be. This video will surely make your day.

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