Man makes a hilarious video of his pup about his food!

If you are a pet owner the chances are probably that you have always wanted to get into your pet’s head and actually know what they want. The idea seems intriguing but we all have wanted to find what do our pets think or wonder about most of the times, especially when there is a circumstance when we are playing with them and they react in an abrupt way. But here is what this funniest pup dad did to answer your intriguing quest.

Dog Teased With Food
Dog Teased With Food © youtube screenshot

It is a known fact that even though the dogs aren’t able to talk to us in the language that we speak, they are highly known for being able to interpret and react to what we say. Scientists say that dogs are able to understand what their parents are talking to them about. So even if you are telling them sad news with a happy face they shall know what you are speaking. Similarly when you try to trap them into your language and try to get them to the Vet they shall know of it loud and clear. Though not able to speak back the dogs completely get what you say.

Owner Tells Dog He Gave His Treats To The Cat
Owner Tells Dog He Gave His Treats To The Cat © youtube screenshot

Therefore this pup parent decided to take up this fact and make a video of his hilarious voice over for his pup’s reaction when he talked about giving up all his puppy food from the fridge to the cat. The daddy did really take up the food from the fridge and talked to the dog about it. The video has turned out to be a genuine reaction to what shall be on the dog’s mind when you talk to them about eating up their food. Check out the video to take up the hilarious side of the conversation of the daddy of the pup with the pup when he told him that he gave up all his food to cat.

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