Cops Free Dog Locked Inside Blistering 167-Degree Car. But Then Discover It’s Not the Only One

Summers are the time when we usually take time out and want to play out in the water or spend time cooling ourselves off. This is the perfect time to go outing with our family, kids and dogs to make the most of our time. However, all things are not that happy all the time. There are often times when people fail to take the necessary care of the loved ones and leave them to suffer.


Recently in Georgia some Samaritans called 911 after watching a dog stuck inside a car park outside a movie theater. It was 89 degrees outside and the dog was clearly seen to be having a tough time inside. The dog had managed to make cracks in the car glasses but it wasn’t proving helpful. After the policemen arrived they rescued the dog immediately only to find out that there were two dogs inside the car. One had a tough time and even got a seizure attack. The car temperature was recorded to be 167 degrees inside and the dogs were seen having heart strokes. They were cooled down with fire hydrant and made to rest. After the dogs were given a check and taken care of the policemen went inside the movie theater in search of the careless owner of the dogs.

It was found that the owner had been watching a movie with her family and had neglected the dog inside the car. She had been charged with the penalty and a case for the animal cruelty. The case is still ongoing for the woman and while the dogs have been sent to animal shelter home for the best care and adoption to new loving owners.

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It was the kindness of the stranger who made the call and took that step to ensure that the dogs were saved otherwise these poor souls would have lost their lives to someone else’s carelessness.

Read the facebook post by Roswell Police Department:

A concerned citizen noticed a dog suffering in a hot car and called 911. The first officer arrived in 18 seconds. What you are about to see is actual bodycam footage of the rescue and medical treatment of two dogs suffering from heat stroke.

Help us spread the word about the dangers of leaving pets inside of a hot vehicle. If you see an animal trapped inside of a hot car, call 9-1-1, so that a tragedy can be avoided. #PetSafety #DogInHotCar #DontLeaveDogsInCars