Child’s scream makes the dog run for his safety; the heroism of the dog comes as a surprise!

Dogs definitely are the best creatures around you and can be the best go to place for you. While you live your life a dog fills in space and becomes a family. In this recent story, it is the heroic act of the pitbull-labrador mix breed of dog which earns all the praise.

Hurley pitbull-labrador mix breed of dog
Hurley © facebook / Love What Matters

Stacie Rae English recently made a post on Facebook about her brother and his dog’s recent encounter at an unknown place with a danger they hadn’t expected they would encounter in life. It was a regular habit for Hurley, the dog and Shelby, Stacie’s brother to walk in the night after dinner and explore new places. This evening they went out at about 10 p.m. into the nearby field when suddenly they heard the cries of a boy. Hurley rushed towards the sound and Shelby followed his dog as fast as he could. The next he saw was that there was a small child screaming in pain and Hurley was twisting and turning in full strength as if juggling with something. This something was indeed a Copperhead snake which had stung to the boy and now was Hurley’s target to save the boy from. Apparently, the child had stepped into the copperhead snake’s nest and now the snake was determined to kill them!

Hurley the hero - Heroic act of dog
Hurley saved the boy from copperhead snake © facebook / love what matters

After a few minutes of fight, Hurley did succeed in killing the snake but was left with the bites of the snake and foaming in the mouth. The little boy ran to the roadside where her mother was and they ran away. The cops and doctors were called for and Hurley was taken to the treatment immediately. Keeping the Pit bull – Labrador mix dog under the treatment and observation the whole night was a matter of life and death. The morning struck with the good news that Hurley was now safe and Shelby returned home with a recovering pup.

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However, with the episode being over Stacie Rae English and her brother are both concerned about the little child who apparently had been stung by the copperhead snake and had vanished before Shelby could approach them. Of course, the time was of the importance to them at that moment but there hasn’t been any news of the boy ever since. The post makes a reach out to the little child to know about his whereabouts and know if the sweet soul is happy and going.

Hurley was now safe and Shelby returned home with a recovering pup.
Hurley was now safe and Shelby returned home with a recovering pup. © facebook / love what matters

This indeed brings a focus on the Pit bull – Labrador mix dogs too who are often regarded as not so safe dogs for the domestic life. But with this heroic action and love for the fellow people around there has been established a fact that dogs are indeed human’s best friends and are fit for domestic life just like us. They love us and are safe for us.

Stacie Rae English’s Facebook post has been able to connect a lot of people who too are curious to know about the little boy’s health condition! They wish to connect with the boy and ensure his safety!