Kind Hearted Dog saves a tiny friend

Behaviourally, animals are supposed be ruthless and cruel, hence the term ‘Animal Behaviour’. Sometimes though their sensitivity amazes us. So is the case of the Rex, a rescue dog that ended up saving a small tiny hummingbird.

Rex is a rescue dog who is trained to support the troops in case of any emergencies. Once when he was playing in his backyard, Rex ran back to his human with a tiny bird in his mouth. His owner thought that dogs are hunters by nature so Rex might have killed a bird. But that’s very unlike Rex who is a gentle soul. Rex dropped the bird in front of his human and nudged him to look at him. At that moment he realised that bird is alive.

The Rescue Dog Found A Dead Hummingbird In Backyard But Wouldn't Leave. What Happened Next Is A Miracle!

He ran around to save the tiny bird and did everything possible to wake that bird up. Soon the hummingbird was awake. It seems that the hummingbird had just been attacked.

Now the hummingbird is living with Rex and his human and he is quite at home. He even has a separate water bowl right next to Rex and enjoys flying around in the house. Hopefully the bird recovers fully soon.

Its special that animals can have such a sensitive reaction too. Rex could have completely ignored the bird but he rescued it. Rex got the help in time and that helped to save a life. We are proud of you Rex; you are such a Good Boy!

Watch the lovely video of the Rex and the bird here. Share this story as come on Rex’s good work needs to spread!

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