Watch this wonderful reunion of a lost dog and his human

Anyone who has ever had a pet in the family understands that they are like other family members. People treat their pets as their own kids and losing them can be a huge trauma. You know your pet is roaming around helpless and may hurt themselves. There are very cases around where pets do actually return to their humans after getting lost.

Couple of years back, Jose lost his pet dog Chaos. Chaos has been an important part of Jose’s life, loving him unconditionally and standing with him in thick and thin.

WATCH: Dog's Wonderful Reunion With His Human After 2 Years Of Lost Is Truly Powerful

When Chaos was lost, Jose was heartbroken. His heart wanted to see his beloved friend and his mind was telling him the chances of meeting Chaos again is very slim. He tried all possible ways to get him back, putting posters, complaining to police but nothing worked.

Then one fine day, two years later something changed. He got a call informing that Chaos will be back. Watch this heart-warming video of a dog meeting his human after two painful years. The happiness of both Jose and Chaos is so evident. Chaos is dancing, wagging his tail and looks so giddy with happiness. Watch the video to see the emotions. Okay, where’s my tissue!!

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