Heartbreaking photo of monkey crying after her child collapsed

The photograph highlights the emotions and love in the animal kingdom. This picture of a mother monkey crying for her baby is heartbreaking, painful and beautiful at the same time. No matter how much pain we feel through the picture we cannot ignore the perfection of the picture. The click speaks out the moment beautifully and makes us appreciate the photographer!

A photographer has an eye for details and is quick enough to capture the moments that comes in front of him. It requires immense talent to bring something that makes people’s heart move. Sometimes it is the movies and other times there are picture which makes us ponder over somebody’s life while having a big impact on us. However the question is always about the right moment in which the maker must have made the move to be able to secure such good captures.

Avinash Lodhi, a 31 year old photographer from Jabalpur, India was the appreciated one for having clicked this rather ‘wailing’ mother monkey click. The grief of a mother on having losing her child is beautifully captured in this click. However when asked about the picture to Avinash, he told the media that this picture has been very close to his heart. It was in one of his photo trails that while returning he saw a group of monkeys moving here and there. He decided to wait and watch although the light was brimming down and he had to return soon. He wasn’t able to interpret much of what was happening but clicked a few pictures and this was one of them. The click was so quick that he didn’t even know it would come out this good.

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Heartbreaking photo of monkey crying after her child collapsed
Heartbreaking photo of monkey ‘crying’ after her child collapsed © facebook / Avinash Lodhi

About the baby monkey he revealed that the baby came to consciousness in a few minutes only and the mother stopped crying. The picture is a rare story and click which shall remain in Avinash’s and now definitely our hearts!