Dutch photographer brings concern for the people with albinism with her photo series!

Tanzania has a wave of thought and stereotypes which are still unbroken and are carried ages after ages. This Dutch photographer recently launched a photo series named ‘Under the Same Sun‘ to fight with the disparity done to the people with albinism in Tanzania and spread the message of equality! Her aim is to depict that there is beauty everywhere and we should all accept the inclusion of everyone around us!

Tanzania has the hold of people with albinism as evil. The thought rules as the person with albinism are being killed when they are caught. With brutal attacks and taking the head off the people with albinism have a rather tough and scary life here as much as a mother giving birth to a baby with albinism is asked to kill her own child before anyone else does. If the child is not killed the family is asked to stay away from the society or is sometime brutally killed by people. The Tanzanian people have set up a different camp for the surviving people with albinism to disregard them from the society and let them be!

Here children are often denied their fundamental human rights, taught that they are evil and brainwashed to think evil of them. Thus creating a sentiment of hatred and mistreatment to these people while leaving them to live a secluded and backward life!

Dutch award-winning photographer and artist Marinka Masseus has created her photo series keeping in mind their condition and the inequality they face. The albinism children after spending hours into sun and leaving secluded life often have diseases like cancer which also causes them to have burnt skin marks on their face. These marks are like red dots as are visible on the pictures displayed by the artist. Look and share the pictures as the world needs more of compassion and equality!

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