17 Things To Remember When You Feel Less Than Awesome

Yes, we all have been there. Feeling down and questioning our worth? Don’t you do that!

We have put a 17 points list that will make you feel awesome.

when you are feeling sad

1. You are loved

Your parents love you, your partner loves you, and hell your friends love you. Isn’t that simply great? Let’s be happy for that.

2. It’s okay to feel sad

We can’t get A+ grades in all of our life exams right? It’s ok that things didn’t go your way. Process the grief but don’t let it pull you down.

3. Don’t try to be perfect

No one is perfect, remember that and move on.

4. You are special though

You are a special person with a unique personality. You have your own destiny and a rocking soul. How can you let anyone else define you?

5. When you smile your eyes glow

Ask your mom and she will tell you that she still remembers your first smile. Go ahead and smile, fake it if you have to. You will instantly feel better.

6. You are an inspiration

Come one, there is someone out there that looks up to you. Your strength and resilience is an example for someone and that needs to be cherished.

You are an inspiration

7. You are an enabler

There are people who want to be around you because you make them feel good. You take care of someone’s emotions, health and lifestyle. For that person you are a rock star.

8. Time flies

Okay you are feeling down but the best thing about time is that it passes. You cannot hold it or tie it down, it is going to go away. So if you are feeling down let the time heal your hurt.

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9. People count on you

You are responsible for someone. People count on you to do your job and keep the world moving. You are an important screw in the world’s machine.

10. Think about your pet

If you are lucky enough to own a pet, look at them. They just love you. Look into their eyes and you will instantly feel good about yourself.

11. Your plans

We know you have beautiful plans about your future. Think about them even if they feel a bit distant. They are important and are a part of your personality.

12. Someone loves you

Someone out there loves you from all of their heart and you also love someone. Love is a feeling that makes the world a beautiful place and you have experienced that. Isn’t that a great?

13. You are beautiful

Yes you are. Don’t bother about shape, size, color appearances just follow the glint of your soul in your eyes and feel beautiful.

You are beautiful

14. You are one of a kind

You are unique. Your DNA is unique, there can be no other you. That is one reason to feel happy about.

15. You are healthy

We are assuming your health is good. If yes, it is something to feel so grateful about.

16. Good in you

Your good deeds have made the world a better place and there is someone out there who is genuinely grateful for your presence in the world.

17. You are a gift

We all are gifted and so are you. The beauty that you can create and release in the world. This is a gift and it should make you feel awesome.

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Take a moments’ break, pause and feel happy and grateful for this moment. This moment in which you have chosen to read something to enhance your life. This is the first step, keep going soldier and be happy.