The Power Of You: 8 Little Ways To Let Your Fun Side Shine Through

As we grow up we acquire many masks, hiding our real self from the world. Some time is it because of our influences and sometimes it happens because of our inner complexes. We tend to forget that our personalities are unique and special.

Staying true to your personality makes the life a lot easier. You don’t need to worry about your masks anymore and plus you come across as a fun person. Here are 8 simple ways to let your inner personality shine through.

1. Your clothes, your choice

Your choice of clothes is the easiest form of self-expression. Wear clothes that you like and not the ones recommended by the society or that follows norms. If your soul is of a bohemian and you try and dress like a corporate magnet, it really doesn’t works out. Be fearless in your choice and express it with your clothes. This way your fashion becomes an extension of your personality.

Your clothes, your choice

2. F**k Labels

You are unique and you don’t need to fit in. It is not necessary that you have to alter your personality to fit into the boxes of norms created by the world. You are god’s unique creation and she didn’t want you to feel otherwise. Let your inner self shine. Yes you are super masculine and yes it is completely ok to watch a chick flick because you like it.

3. Laugh

Laugh your heart out. You don’t understand how much your brain loves the sound of your own laughter. We are not saying laughing virtually, go beyond that. Laughing is contagious in social situations and laughing together (physically not virtually) makes stronger emotional bonds.

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4. Dance

Dance is your body’s way to express itself. When you dance you are spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically inclined. Dance is a great form of meditation.

Dance like no one is watching. Don’t judge yourself or be self-critical. Let your hair down and show the world that you are one hell of fun person to be with.

Dance is a great form of meditation.

5. Ignore the negativity

You know the biggest thing that social media has bought in? Opinions. Everyone has an opinion and they actively showcase them on social media and other platforms. So much so that verge on the lines of insensitivity and harassment.

Ignore them and do your thing. Showcase your true personalities and keep your held high even if some trolls are throwing vitriol at you.

6. Don’t try and fit into frames

To try and fit into a frame is a sure shot way to kill your personality. Don’t torture yourself.

Make your own definitions and make your own frames. There is no rule in the world that we have to be similar to people around us. We are not machine manufactured. We are creations of the universe. A universe that has created millions and millions species each with a different set of looks and behavior.

Don't try and fit into frames

7. Moderation is the key

Everything in moderation. This is one of the key theories of Zen philosophy. A too tightly strung guitar will break on the first note itself. The strings need to be tied in a balanced way, not too tight and not too loose.

That’s the life philosophy of peace. Don’t obsess on a single idea, do everything but in moderation. Finding the balance is the key to life a fuller, truer and happier life.

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8. Be unapologetic

Yes, the most important aspect we want you to learn. Be brave and be unapologetically you. Let your inner beauty shine through even if you think it is a bit messed up. You don’t know the kind of positive feedback you will get when you accept this way of living.

We have just enlisted simple tweaks that you can make to let your personality shine through. Adapt it and see how happy it makes you and the people around you.