How To Know If You Need To Go On An Emotional Diet

Emotional dieting is similar to your generic dieting. It is a method to ration your daily emotions in a more balanced and holistic way and eliminating negative emotions from your life. Take a step back and think, it makes perfect sense.

Every day our mind is fed with huge amount of information and that leads to generation of various emotions in different intensities. Emotional dieting as a method makes us restrain the sources of negative emotions and pick the positive ones consciously.

We are listing 5 easy to do and essential emotional dieting tips.

1. Stay away from negativity

This means consciously ignore the sources that generate a negative emotion in you. Media is full of negativity. This works on a belief that negativity sells. So if news about natural calamities, kidnapping, murder and other crimes upset you don’t go out looking for it. Don’t pick the newspaper first thing in the morning or start your day with a news channel. Decide a time along with a limited duration when you would expose yourself to that information.

Negativity is a nonstop fountain, once it starts it keeps on flowing. When you choose to stay away from it you basically signaling your mind that you want to be more positive today.

Stay away from negativity
Stay away from negativity

2. Ignore energy draining emotions

Jealousy, frustration, anger and other negative emotions are energy draining. Having a bout of any one of them in a way sucks all of your positive energy out. When you are on an emotional diet ensure that you consciously ignore these emotions.

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Look at them as deep fried sugar laden junk food. There is no way in the world that you can stay and feel healthy if you consume junk food on a regular basis.

3. Increase intake of positive emotions

Positive emotions like joy, love, care, optimism are like fruits and sprouts. They provide instant energy to your being and provides good nutrition making you feel healthy.

Engage yourself in activities that generate these kind of emotions. They are an essential part of your daily emotional diet.

Increase intake of positive emotions
Increase intake of positive emotions

4. Keep a track of your intake

Like dieting you should keep an active track of your intake of emotions every day. The best way is to write a journal every night jotting down the negative emotions that you indulged today and how much time was wasted in it. This way, after a week or so you will be able to track the triggers of negative emotions and the effects of the positive one.

5. Imagine emotions as food

While shopping most of you must have read the nutritional label to see the number of calories or other details of the food item. Imagine your emotions like food items and the effects they do on you as food labels.

Suppose you are getting angry. Take a pause and see your anger as a can of potato chips. You know you feel a sense of satiety after indulging in the emotion but ultimately the emotion/calories will hurt. This technique is a very common but effective one.

work on yourself
work on yourself

Every step that you take to consciously work on yourself and emotions makes the journey of life a tab bit easier.