Driver catches black mass on camera and realizes it’s two bear cubs playing middle of the road

Driving through a forest is always a beautiful experience. The greenery, weather and occasional animal spotting makes it a worthwhile experience. That’s what happened at Montana Glacier National Park. Traffic was backed up and when motorists saw ahead their hearts was filled with joy.

Two little bear cubs, all black and furry were having fun in the middle of the road. They were playing, pawing and rolling in the centre of the road. This sight got all the camcorders rolling and we have this downright cute video of two bear cubs just having a good time. In the video you can see them first being a bit fierce and the gently pawing each other. One can easily make out that they are siblings and are from the nearby jungle. They play with each other for approx. a minute and then looked around and very casually walk back into the jungle.

bear cubs playing middle of the road
bear cubs playing middle of the road. © youtube screenshot

Kids are adorable be it of any species. Bear cubs remind us of our sweet little teddy bears and we have this subconscious bond with them. Watching these bear cubs having a go with each other will also remind you of the friendly fights we would have with our siblings and friends. All fun, no harm. Though, it’s a matter of concern that where was the Mama bear. Bears are very protective of their kin and its always advisable to don’t go near any bear cubs in the jungle.

Though, worries apart, watch this cute video of cute bear cubs playfully messing around with each other.

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