Caretaker plays the role of father, teaches scared tiger cub to swim

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Zoo animals and their caretakers share a special bond. For these animals living in a facilitated condition, caretakers are their best friends. Something really special happened at the Australia zoo few days back.

Australia zoo has this special set of tiger cubs, Spot and Stripe and they are taken care by Giles. These cubs have reached the age when they need to learn swimming. Tigers are natural swimmers and in their natural habitat water bodies are the best place to spot a tiger. In fact, many cubs start swimming within days of their birth. So, Giles decide it’s time to introduce these adorable babies to the world of water. With his years of experience, Giles thought this would be an easy task but that was not the case.

cubs swimming first time
cubs swimming first time. © youtube screenshot

One fine sunny morning, Spot and Stripe are taken to a small part of enclosure where there is a small pond was made for their swimming training. After the initial hesitance the cubs decided to touch and feel the water. Giles used a special technique, he tied a ball of cloth to a stick and moved it in the water to make it look like as if one more tiger is also swimming along. Spot jumps right along and swims with ease. Stripe is scared and he just doesn’t want to enter the water. Then Giles does something amazing, he swims over and offers Stripe to piggyback him in the water. Stripe jumps on his back and like a father Giles gives Stripe his first swimming lesson.

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The bond shared between this zookeeper and the cub is heart-warming. You can actually see the love between them. Watch this video, it will surely warm your heart.