From Abuse to Beauty, Watch this incredible journey of two kittens

Kittens are adorable, there is no doubt about that. But the world can be a cruel place and animal abuse is very common. The laws against animal abuse are vague and maximum times are not implemented at all.

kittens with permanent marker smurf and shrek rescued

Ask Bradford Cat Watch Rescue of the west Yorkshire region. They are a support organisation working towards the rescue, re-homing and rehabilitation of cats and kittens. They get various kinds of cat abuse cases every day and they do their best to serve to their best. What happened with these two kittens just shocked them too!

Adorable Tiny Kittens Put Through Horrible Abuse, But Watch How Happy They Are After A Loving Bath

They received a case in which two poor kittens, hardly a monthly old were coloured by permanent ink. Animal skin is very sensitive and use of permanent colour can be fatal too. The guys at B.C.W.R were shocked as this was the first time they were dealing a case like this. Its assumed that the cats were coloured in order to put them into street animal fights. These fights are extremely brutal and are banned in many states. The entire white parts of their skins were coloured in blue on one and green on other including the faces.

From Abuse to Beauty, Watch this incredible journey of two kittens

B.C.W.R volunteers named the two cats Shrek and Smurf, based on the colour they were painted with. When they came in, they were lethargic and had breathing problems. Our good guys took them in and first ensured that they feel safe and warm. Then they gave the cats a nice bath ensuring the maximum possible colour leave their skins and hair. Though the colours on the face cannot be scrubbed off as it’s a very sensitive area.

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hardly a monthly old were coloured by permanent ink.

Watch this video of the cats getting their baths and see the before and after situation. A part of you will feel sad for their situation but a part of you will be grateful to God that they were discovered early.

We wish Smurf and Shrek an early recovery.