A man heroically saves chimpanzee getting drowned in water

It was a rather shocking moment for both the zoo authorities and the visitors when their normal visit to the zoo was transformed into a horrific yet courageous incident that happened!

It was the usual playing around in the exhibit, the 17-year-old Chimpanzee named Jo-Jo faced a life threatening incident when he came slipped and fell into the moat surrounding the exhibit. He panicked easily and his non-ability to swim made it difficult for him to save his life. All the visitors got shocked and started shouting and calling the employees, which made the zoo authorities, and employees alert of the situation. Chimpanzees are wild animals, which have a capacity to ruin the human’s body and kill them in no efforts. And so the employees as well as the visitors had not been ready to take any risks of venturing into the situation.

man saves chimpanzee from drowning
Rick Swope managed to safely guard the chimpanzee and make him rest on the side. © youtube / animal planet

It is at this point that truck driver Rick Swope, who had been on a visit to the zoo himself, took it upon himself to save Jo-Jo. In the rather selfless and courageous way, he just jumped into the water and without thinking of himself and joined in to find ways of making Jo-Jo swaddle to the corner. Indeed the employees of the zoo and visitors had denied Rick Swope to get into this but he felt that saving a life was more important than thinking of the consequences. Visitors cheered for Rick throughout the saving and watched how Rick had managed to float in water with Chimpanzee hugged around him. And how he managed to safely guard the chimpanzee and make him rest on the side.

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After all was done, Jo-Jo gained consciousness in some hours and went to his exhibit soon enough. Rick Swope has become a hero in sporting a life lesson for many people here at the zoo!