Scared puppies protected by a large Cobra..

There is goodness inside all of us, we just need to believe and keep going.

Animals sometimes show more humanity and kindness than us humans. This incident that happened in a remote village of Punjab, India few days back involving animals will warm your heart.

Two stray puppies, not more than 20-25 days fell into a deep well. Luckily the well was dry and they didn’t drown. When the villagers tried to rescue the puppies they were shocked to see a big black Cobra next to the puppies. Puppies looked very scared and were whimpering slowly. Villagers were mentally preparing for the inevitable as Cobra’s or snakes in general are very private and react at the slightest provocation. But to their surprise, this Cobra slithered next to the puppies and raised its head and stood in a protective stance. As if the strong snake knew that the poor puppies are scared and lost and need protection.

puppies protected by snake
puppies protected by snake © youtube screenshot

Cobra also ensured that the puppies don’t run to the dangerous end of the well. Villagers called in for rescue officials and when they came another amazing thing happened. Cobra slipped away to the other side of the well and allowed the rescuers to take the puppies. Rescuers took Cobra along too and released it in the jungle. This rescue mission brought smiles to everyone faces.

This incident is a clear example of how powerful and intimidating personalities can have a sensitive heart, don’t judge people on looks.

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