19-Year-Old’s Miraculous journey from death to life will inspire you.

Teenage years are the best years of anyone’s life. It’s the years when you dream, you love and build a foundation of your life. But few of us are not that blessed.

The story of 19-year-old Dylan Rozo is like that. He met with a terrible car accident that made everyone believe that this is the end of his life. He was awake but his situation is what the doctors call as vegetative state. He was lying in the bed unable to move, sit, talk or do any other functions. He was not even reacting except on few occasions.

19-Year-Old's Miraculous journey from death to life will inspire you.

Doctors had given up on him and counselled his parents to accept the situation. Though one of his doctor was not ready to give up. He was researcher and rallied with his parents to make Dylan go through a series of exercises, mental, physical and psychological to make him come back to his normal state. From there started the incredible journey of Dylan. Step by step Dylan learnt to walk, comprehend, speaking, writing and all other functions. It was one tedious journey. From psychologists to physiotherapists, all worked really hard. The good thing, Dylan responded very well to the treatment. After spending more than a year at the hospital, Dylan returned home.

Today, Dylan is so normal that it would impossible to point out that just a while back, he was in a vegetative state.

Watch this incredible video of Dylan’s journey from a lost hope to an active person. Life helps who help themselves. Every step that Dylan took after accident was painful but he gathered strength from inside and his determination to have a better life. These kind of stories are an example of not giving up even when everything is against you, stand up and fight. Fight for yourself, fight for your everyone who loves you.

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